Rak has been drawn

September 5, 2006

by David and Richard…the winners are and will upload pics latter of the draw. 

Drum Roll…..

Girlfriday – Karen – I will bring yours to the crop on saturday

Michelle – I will post this to you latter on this week

Penny – Where would you like me to send yours?  Just send me your email address.

I hope that the 3 of you enjoy your Raks!!!!


8 Responses to “Rak has been drawn”

  1. Janine said

    Well done Michelle and Karen and Penny. How exciting.

  2. ruth said

    and I was sure it was going to be ME!! LOL

    well done you guys

  3. girlfriday said

    LOL I’m sure Michelle and I had a big advantage because our comments were *invisible* for a while … and then we suddenly posted four or five comments each!!
    Thanks Debbie … see you Saturday!

  4. Michelle said

    Woohoo! Thank you Debs!!! You ROCK!!! 😀

  5. sandra said

    What a kind thing to do Debs. An idea to file away for the future. WTG Karen, Michelle and Penny

  6. Marieke said

    Hi Debbie, thanks for leaving me such a lovely comment. Your rak is very generous, I’m sure the girls will be very pleased.
    Good luck on the weight loss adventure!

  7. Penny said

    Oh WoW! I wasn’t commenting for a RAK but gosh, thanks! Thats sweet of you to do these things 🙂

  8. girlfriday said

    Great to see you today at the Puke crop 🙂 Thank you for the very generous RAK. I am going to have lots of fun playing with the new goodies!

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