Last Chance to leave a comment for Rak

September 4, 2006

as I will be drawing this around 6.00pm tonight.  There will be 2 Raks and i will tell you this they aren’t just a few little things they are a good Rak. So check in after 6.00pm tonight to see if you are one of the lucky ones…

I am just loving having this Blog it is great…Everytime I think oh i wish i could share that with someone I load it or will load it onto my blog…I have met heaps of new people through this.  I am just in the process of trying to work out just when and how David and i will have to leave here tomorrow afternoon to make it into Ponsonby to seee Nikki Hart by 2.30pm from Manurewa into Ponsonby.  We are only a one car family at the moment until next year and so David and I will have to bus then train and then bus up to Ponsonby.  Should be an interesting experience as we will also be at Nikki’s for an hour.  Luckly Richard can bring us home.  Going to ring up shortly and see if there is any way i can see her on Saturday before or after the Crop.  Ruth and Karen don’t worry I will def be still coming with scrap gear and yeah why not the chocolate baking that i promised…hee hee…

Well, things to do this morning, unfort not as much as Ruth and Nikki have been up to with their Spring Cleaning, I will leave that until Friday afternoon when David is at his Babysitter’s for the afternoon.

I will log back on this afternoon and leave another message.  Have a great day everyone.

8 Responses to “Last Chance to leave a comment for Rak”

  1. Janine said

    Sounds like an adventure is in store for you and David. Have a great day.

  2. Penny said

    Ugh – that sounds a bit of an “adventure” to get to Ponsonby. Pity the train doens’t go all the way. 😦

  3. ruth said

    so glad you’re stillcoming Sat – you can’t NOT come now!!

  4. ruth said

    Oh and I forget to say good luck with getting into Ponsonby without a car tomorrow

  5. Jane said

    hiya ! Jane waves. I’ve just found your blog ! (thanks for leaving a comment on mine !) I will definately be adding you to my list of blogs I read. ttfn

  6. sandra said

    Hi Scrappygirl. I’ve just found your blog. Your on my list now so I will be visiting regularly. Hope your “Auckland public transport” adventure goes smoothly.

  7. Ruth said

    Gosh that is quite a trip isn’t it? Hope it went well. Will be checking back later to see how the day was. 🙂

  8. Happy scrappy said

    Hope your meeting went well. Is she really that Evil… lol!

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