Productive Spring Day

September 3, 2006

It has been a very productive sunny spring day.  David must have known it was Father’s Day or Dada Day has we have nicknamed it for this year and slept in.  I crept up at about 7am to make Richard’s card that I hadn’t had time to make…naughty me…

After a nice relaxing breakfast, and Richard watching the rugby replay we headed off amongst pagers going off and purchased some more plastic storage for the scrap area and then purchased David his very first high chair…Boy was he David not Richard flirting with all the woman that worked at Baby Factory in Manukau.  They loved him to bits…

Off home and after checking some emails and blogs it was out to wash the car while Richard relaxed as he was instructed to as it was Father’s Day.  Came in and made lunch, then headed out to the Garage and the scrap space…Well i should say that it is just a huge storage area of things piled on top of all the benches etc that richard put up last year before i fell pregnant.  You could hardly move out there…Well one long bench is sorted and around the computer area out there…Have my lamp sorted and my large cutting mat down and 1/3 of my paper trays moved.  I will take pics tomorrow of what I still call the before and then when it is all finished i will take another photo.  I may actually take progress pics. 

After venturing out of the Scrap Space and my body deciding that i really couldn’t do much more, richard and i ventured out the back to move everything out for the inorganic collection onto the kerb….the area that we cleaned up out the back behind the house which for some reason had turned into a junk heap of plant pots/old hydroponic stuff etc looks great now…We may pave that area to put chairs etc out for the summer next to the Spa.  Something to think about.  All during this the weather has been great.  Inside to have a long hot well deserved shower.  Into the lounge/dining area to reply to emails and surf blogs and then onto dinner..Well have just had dinner made smoked fish pie with fresh smoked fish and i made the potoato top too runny so the potoato merged with everything else but still tasted yummy even if it didn’t look it.

David off to have a shower with Daddy, play, bottle and then off to bed for the night and then I think curl up on the sofa and vege out in front of the TV…..

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Sunday.  Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there….


6 Responses to “Productive Spring Day”

  1. Janine said

    hmmm Wellington missed out in the hot weather, we had overcast weather but it was warm. Unlike ysterday which was so windy!! What a productive day you have all had.
    Loking forward to seeing photos of ya scrap space.

  2. ruth said

    sounds like you’ve had a busy day. We spent the afternoon over at my mum and dads – stayed till the kids started playing up then it was time to come home!!

    six more sleeps!!

  3. Michelle said

    Wow! You’ve had a busy day Debs!! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!

    P/S: Point taken on my LOs..they’re not for submission. I do know that if it’s for submission, I can’t post them. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Lara said

    miss inorganic collections – they were brilliant for clean out’s when we lived in Auckand – but sadly none here the Sally Army truck will come & get stuff though 🙂 Sounds like you had a great fathers day!

  5. girlfriday said

    Congrats on getting so much done. We had smoked fish pie for dinner tonight (Monday) … I made three loaf tins-worth when Ken was sick a couple of weeks back and froze two-thirds for *later*

  6. Happy scrappy said

    Phew what a day. I did have to laugh at the comment about the card as Andre and I quickly made a card on that morning as well even though I had said earlier in the week that I was going to make one…. whoops!!

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