Another thing bites the dust….

September 2, 2006

The Wedding cake is all organized.  It is from For Heavens Cake but not the one with the gerbra but still really nice…it is going to be 2 tiered and square teirs but with rounded sides and corners etc.  It is going to have ivory icing with  white icing ribbons coming up the sides of both cakes with a ball of deep burgandy roses as the bow on top if that makes sense..Sort of like a pressie.  I will sketch something and upload it…We have gone with a chocolate bottom layer with a lemon cake top layer, oh my gosh the lemon is to die for and the chocolate cake has a touch of coffee in it which we couldn’t taste and cinamon.  Sounds strange at first with the cinamon but it tastes really yummy.  We are having a 10 inch bottom tier and a 7 inch top tier…

So what is everyone doing for Father’s Day tomorrow.  As richard’s birthday is on the 13th we are saving his big pressie until then. David has got his Daddy premium dark chocolate which daddy adores..We have found a 70%, 72% and 80% dark chocolate from 3 different countries.  Dark Chocolate I had described to me one day is just like coffee beans…2 of the same sort of blends from different countries can taste totally different.  We have one from Ghana, one from Costa Rica and one from Tanzanaia so should be interesting for him…He doesn’t have to worry about me sneaking any as I don’t like Dark Chocolate and it doesn’t like me…We are going to have a quiet one…I haven’t made david his father’s day card for his daddy yet so i am going to hide in the dining room while richard takes it easy nursing his sore foot and try and get one done.


6 Responses to “Another thing bites the dust….”

  1. ruth said

    I haven’t made my dad a card yet either! The kids have my Keith at least 2 cards each. I don’t really like dark chocolate either but hey if its that or nothing I’d eat it LOL

  2. Janine said

    your cake sounds yummy and I could imagine what it looks like from your description. We are having chocolate all the way for Mike the chocoholic. That’s another thing to cross off your list. Enjoy Fathers day.

  3. Mel said

    Thanks for leaving me a lovely comment. Wow your wedding planning sounds amazing. Feel free to email me if you want some weight loss rev ups. I was a size 24/26 this time last year – now I’m a 16/18 (and still working/struggling with it). Nice to have some online support if you need it.

  4. Sharon said

    That cake sounds SO yum!! Ours was fruit cake (which I hate) – but was made for us by my beloved’s auntie so it was special in that way (and she did a terrific job). Sounds like it is all coming together nicely!

  5. Penny said

    Cake sounds lover-ly!
    I love dark choc; especially those naughty expensive ones like Valrhona [licks lips].
    My Dh got a roast chicken lunch for Father’s Day! LOL! We avoid going overboard with it – birthdays and Christmas are more important in terms of pressies 😉

  6. girlfriday said

    yummo cake!! LOL and then talk of chocolate as well!!

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