The weekend is upon us….

September 1, 2006

Wow, 2 posts in one day….no everyone i am not sick…hee hee

Thanks Janine for the prompt from your blog to come to mine and mentioning the RAK.  I have been going through all my scrapping stuff and all i can say is that the 2 Raks are going to be great…don’t know yet and don’t hold me to this but i may even up it to 3 pkgs for 3 different people.  I will keep going through over the weekend and let you know sometime over the weekend.

The most important scrapping I have to do in the next 36 hours is a Father’s Day card for Richard from David…It will be soo cool next year when David can do some drawing himself for Daddy’s card…Still have no idea what to get Richard.  I have brought his favourite 72% dark chocolate as a back up.  Will have to see what i can buy on the sneek tomorrow as the 3 of us will be out together…

This weekend we are off to For Hevan’s Cake tomorrow morning, then have to quickly pop into Scrapbook Studio in Lunn Ave to see if they have the SEI album that I am working on for our Circle journal as I need 2-3 at least more pages for it.  We have got the Grocery Shopping out of the way so when we get home if the weather is as nice as it has been this afternoon I am going to clean the car inside and out…

I have my appointment with Nikki Hart next Wednesday afternoon so have to take in a Food Diary with me so starting that tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait and i also am really nervous.  It will be exactly 4 months from that first meeting until the Wedding on Jan 06th and I have major weight to lose.  I have to go down to a size 22 from a size 26.  I am already a 22 on the top especially seeing as how the dress is sleeveless and strapless.  I am going to post a copy of the dress as Richard never looks at this blog….doesn’t have the address

image of V2842

It is the dress on the right without the sleeves…Wonderful Jo is making the dress for me along with her dress as well. 

Talking about Jo, if you read this Jo good luck with your first Kiwi Scraps Birthday Parties over the weekend that you are hosting and teaching….Have heaps of fun….

Well, I have a Roast Chicken and Veges in the oven so off to check on that and tidy up my scrapping area which I hate to admit is the dining room table at the moment…hee hee – Have a great weekend everyone.  Not sure what we are up to on Sunday now but will update tomorrow.


10 Responses to “The weekend is upon us….”

  1. Lynda said

    Nice dress! Go Jo, being brave enough to make that! Good luck with that food diary girl. The good thing is with the nicer weather that is coming, you can at least get out and about with David in the pushchair.

  2. Janine said

    Love the dress Debs!!! You can do it!!!! I am going pink dress or skirt and top shopping on saturday with Trudi and cant wait….have a great weekend.

  3. girlfriday said

    Lovely dress. Nice to see your wedding plans as they come together.

  4. Michele said

    Gorgeous dress!!!
    Im also visiting via Janines Blog – good to catch up on your wedding details – Im getting married on New Years Eve so always interested in what others are doing.
    Good luck with the food diary – Im doing Sureslim and loving it.
    Nice visiting – will bookmark your blog and visit again

  5. Happy scrappy said

    That is beautiful. Makes me want to get married again.

  6. Sharon said

    Beautiful dress – very classic!

  7. Ruth said

    Lovely dress. Good luck with the diet, I know how hard that is.

  8. Christi said

    Good luck on the weight loss! I am right there with you. When I got married back in 2001 I was at one of the lowest weights I had been in YEARS! And even then I was a 14/16 but I’m happy at that size! LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding photos. What a stunning wedding dress you have picked out! So beautiful!

  9. Penny said

    I lurve the dress! Are you having a veil too?

    Good luck with weight loss. I did really well on the South Beach diet; lost about 1 kg a month on that. Well I thought it was good anyway! It wasn’t dramatic but steady and I wasn’t doing a heck of a lot of exercise either, just evening walks with DS. I never felt hungry which was my biggest fear. I’m a pear shape person so it’s hard for me to lose weight fast.

    Of course I’ve now put on 10kgs in 23 weeks LOL! Oh well…

  10. ozzhvwktre said


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