Wow, what a busy week!!!

September 30, 2006

Tuesday Morning David woke up with Conjunctivitis and he had had the sniffles but they were a bit more there that morning.  Richard drove us to New Market and we had breakfast at Zarbos.  Mum realised then that she had never been out for breakfast before.  Her eyes couldn’t believe the size of the French Toast and Bacon that arrived in front of her.  As her and Dad are in their 70’s they don’t eat as Much as normal.  After breakfast Richard headed to work and Mum and I after a stop at the chemist and Bendon to get Mum fitted for a new bra we went to Modes and found Mum and awesome Orange/Teracotta Trouser and Top out fit for the wedding…At Lunch time Richard picked us up and we headed home for lunch.

Later that afternoon we headed out to Castaways’s so that Mum could see where we were having the wedding and she loved it and took heaps of photos.  All went well and David went to bed at 7.45 and then at 9.45 until 2.15 we were up and down all the time with a 2 hour brake in the middle…Poor little thing really not feeling well…Wednesday I took him along to the Docs just to get his chest checked out as he was not feeling very well at all.  Well to cut a long story short his chest was fine but it was a very long day…From 7.30 that morning he managed to have about 15mins sleep…Still loved his food though and after changing his nappy just before 6.30 that night he fell aslepp in Daddy’s arms deeply and we just decided to wrap him and give him a dream feed.  Richard wrapped him and he didn’t even flinch even for the 5 mins we left him on the floor with Nana watching over him while we got his bottle and room ready and he had his bottle and drops and didn’t even wake up and slept until 7.00am the next morning.  His eyes are heaps better and his cold is getting there…Yay, def getting better.

Mum went home yesterday on a door to door shuttle to katikati.  Today we ventured off to Botany to do some banking and managed to find some awesome Low GI Cook books at Whitcouls…yay we came home with 2 of them and I can’t wait to do some cooking.  Also I had a 25% off voucher from Whitcouls so brought myself a fiction book called The Wedding Day by Author Catherine Elliot.  See how it goes.  Sounds like a good blob out book.  After getting the grocery shopping at NW and finally finding my Fruitybix bars which Nikki has said I can have and are Low GI and that I love we headed home and have been having a blobby afternoon, working on some scrapping…See what tomorrow brings.  Have nothing planned except yay will get to see Sharon when she drops off her circle journal for the Glam Gals Circle Journal Swap.  Have a great Saturday night everyone…


Thanks to your September B is beautiful pack I have got my Mojo back again….I seem to keep losing it over the last 6 months or sooo….I took the plunge earlier this week and became a Tarisota Collection subscriber and got my kit last Friday and wow, wow it is beautifull…I love it…I have been wanting to do the Kiwi Scraps September Challenge on Parents and I had the photo of my mum that I wanted to use but just couldn’t work out what to use…Well thanks to Tamar and Tarisota I have just completed my layout.  Everything on the layout except for the Bazzil Flower and Big Brad is from the Collection – B is beautiful….I am sooo happy with it…I will try and work out how to upload it up onto here and then will upload all the other layouts I am going to do…

A Big thank you to everyone that reads my Blog and for all your comments.  I am sorry if i have not replied to all comments etc..You have all been so wonderful with your comments and support…I am feeling heaps better thank you everyone…i went out and purchased some Vitamin C and Iron Tablets and they seem to be helping…I thought I would take something until I go to the Docs on Friday…Penny thank you for saying that you wish there was someway that you could help me and make me less down…that was sooo sweet…

We drove down to Katikati on Saturday and picked Mum up…Dad just loved seeing David and Mum is loving being up here with us…they are out going for a walk at the moment….

We are having a full on Roast Pork Dinner tonight so I better head off and start getting things ready to put in the oven latter….Take care everyone and I will chat to everyone again tomorrow…

Verdict is now in!

September 22, 2006

My thyroid is absolutley fine and healthy….The only thing that concerned the Doctor with my bloods was that my Iron Levels are very low….I have an appt with him next friday as that is the only day he is at that particular sugery. 

Have lost weight!

September 22, 2006

I have managed to lose 3kg according to my scales in the last 3 weeks but am finding it very hard as I have started not liking food and I used to really like food…i am really going to have to invest in a full Low GI cook book as I am getting sick of eating the same sort of things when i know that there is so much other stuff that I can be eating…I have had my blood tests done for Nikki along with getting my thyroid function and the other thyroid test to see if that is what is wrong…i am having so many more of the symptoms in the past few weeks and it is really getting me down…Which is probably one of the reasons that I haven’t blogged much this week…i just haven’t had the energy or enthusiasim that I have had.

We are off down to Katikati tomorrow to see my mum and dad and then mum is coming back up with us for a holiday for a week.  It will be great having her up here….We are off next week to see what we can find for her to wear to the wedding and for her to have some time with David…

Well, off to finish tidying up the Guest Room for mum and then to blob out which i seem to be doing so much of latley and negleting the housework etc but I just don’t have the energy or enthusiasim…I am going to try and update even if just a little bit each day.

Before I go I just want to pass my thoughts and love onto Kelly R who lost her Mum this week after a battle with MND and to Sandra who lost her Dad this week with a heart attack and car accident..Sweeties you are in our love and thoughts…

bah the babysitters that i need for a few of the children.  We have not put young children on the invites but there is David and his 3 cousins and a good friend of mine who hasn’t got many friends here in Auckkland as she only moved over from South Africa about 6 months ago.  So Charmaine’s daughter Amber who we joke is David’s girl friend is coming.  The only person that could look after Amber Cheryl is also coming to the wedding.  So if anyone knows of any great babysitters out Pukekohe/Waiuku way if you can let me know that would be great.  We will have an 11 month, 5 month, 18 month old and a 7 and 3 year old.  Jo’s 2 kids Tammy (11) and Bevan (10) are coming along with one of Richard’s Groomsman’s son Kyle who is 14.  They will stay for most of the receiption and then go up to one of the Chalets with their desert and watch a DVD etc.

So the Music/Entertainment has been organised.  We were going to have a DJ but all the really great ones are fully booked.  So we have gone with a live 2 piece band.  We are having Suzanne Lynch and Steve (can’t find his last name at the moment)  They are up in Hong Kong over New Years but have made sure that they will be back in time for our wedding. Suzanne and her son used to be clients of mine years ago when I was in travel.

I have got a damm horrible cold so trying to dose up and rest becuase I have the Kiwi Scraps online class on tonight at 8.00pm and it goes to approx 10.00pm…Just have to make sure that I have all my tools etc..

Rock Star Supanova

September 14, 2006

So who do you all think is going to win tonight?  Should be a good watch.

Going to try uploading some pics of David in an outfit that we received from the daughter of old neighbours of ours.  She lives in Switzerland with her husband and new daughter.  We sent them over some little kiwi shirts when their daughter was born and they inturn sent over 2 little Swiss Soccer All in one outfits for David..I loved these pics.  We have taken photos to include in a card that i am sending to her.

Okay didn’t work.  Will try again latter or tomorrow.

Well I had it,

September 13, 2006

the first wedding nightmare in my dreams on Tuesday night…My bridesmaids are all getting their dresses made.  The pattern, fabric, cotton and zips have all been purchased and they just need to get them made up.  I don’t know how Jo is going to do it as she is making her own dress along with mine and the girls wraps.  Well the nightmare was we all turned up at Castaways the night before for our girls night the night before and the other 2 bridesmaids Evelyn and Richard’s siter Judith did not have their dresses…They forgot that they had to get them done and thought that I had done it for them. Argh, it was so real.  There is no way I am going to let that happen.  Just the music to book and we are all booked.  I just hope the one I want comes through.

Richard’s birthday went well and so did coffee group.  We went up to Plunket yesterday afternoon and David has grown heaps and is now 9.36kg so over 20 lb now and has grown 2 cm…They were very happy with him.

Normally on a Thursday afternoon 2 girls who i met through the Treasures forum come over to scrap and learn teqniques as they are just beginners and chat and have lunch but today neither of them are coming over so try to get things sorted this morning and i will have my own scrap afternoon…See how it goes…I have 2 albums that I have to start for 2 seperate friends and also start an album for David’s new cousin Katherine.  Well must be off and have a great day.  Also have to try and upload pics to send to Digimax from their 22c special.

Got Energy, Will Clean

September 12, 2006

and tidy the house…It was just gorgious this afternoon….After putting David down this morning for a nap I realised that his car seat was in our car which was with Richard at work.  Luckly Cheryl that looks after him has a car seat for her 3 year old that she just added something onto that too it back to what David could use and they used that.  After they left I was able to open all the windows and curtains as the weather began to get glorious.  Managed to get all the vacumming done at the main end of the house and the areas tider that i wanted to and even got some baking done for coffee group.  I must say I feel I have done very well not even wanting one of the chocolate chippie biscuts that I made.

Wrapped Richard’s pressies, did the laundry etc.  Haven’t managed to do any ironing but that can wait until tomorrow afternoon.  Richard will be home at lunch time so we will go up to Plunket after Coffee Group.  Yay, I soo loved the wonderful weather today.

and I feel so much better, still tired but so much better.  It has to be the sun, i just love summer and the sun and feel so much happier at this time.  Just looking out my window and the flowers are in full bloom, just need to plant some more in some bare areas.  Might do that when my mum comes up as she loves going plant shopping and gardening…

Sorry again for the short post yesterday.  Today well this afternoon is going to be a busy one.  David’s afternoon has been changed to Tuesday this week as Cheryl is picking her husband up from the Airport on Friday so it has worked out well as we are hosting coffee group here tomorrow and i need to clean, i feel the urge to clean…hee hee.  Janine, you were right leave it for one of those high energy days….

So I need to tidy the Kitchen, the lounge and dining rooms, these are all open plan, mop the floor, vaccumm, wrap Richard’s birthday pressies, make 2 cards, laundry and ironing if i get time.  I will check back in tonight and let you know what i have exaclty got done.

Congratulations to Michelle, for being accepted onto a Design Team, yay her first one.  First of many I think from seeing her work.

I got my The Low GI Diet today and it looks great.  Brought it off Trade Me and it looks Brand New.  Going to sit down tonight and curl up with my lime and water which i am loving and devour the book, don’t worry i won’t actually eat it…hee hee.  Once I have read a bit, I will put up a few details as I have been getting comments from people that are very interested in a Low GI Diet.

We have David’s 7 month Plunket check tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how much he has put on and how tall he is.  Then coffee group.  It is always great to get together with these women.  After coffee group go out for a walk then come home do a few things and then prepare Richard’s Birthday dinner.  Must work out how to upload pics onto this blog with out copy and pasting them.

Yay, I got my first email from Wendy about the Online Class with Kiwiscraps next Monday night.  I am really excited about this.

Well, must be off and get David’s things ready to take with him and start cleaning…take care everyone and embrace your passions

I’ve been a bad blogger!

September 11, 2006

Sorry everyong and thanks Janine for the 2 reminders…Just haven’t felt like blogging today yet but here goes…The Crop on Saturday was awesome with an awesome bunch of women….I haven’t laughed so much in ages…Can’t wait for the next crop in October.  It was so great to meet you all…glad that you all liked the baking..

Sunday was spent out at Manukau getting Richard’s birthday pressies and a few things from the supermarket…then home and a relaxing afternoon…

After numerous calls with being on call at the moment Richard has spent the day at home…Relaxing morning mixed with doing some house work…After lunch we headed out to re fill our fruit and veges which I am pleased to say that we have been going through heaps of.  The diet is going well, hard but getting there..I think once I have been on it for a few weeks it will get easier…After the fruit and vege shop we headed out to an area near us called Brookby.  It is down the end of Alfriston Rd right at the end near Clevedon.  This is the area that we would love to move out to or near next year.  We would love David to go to Brookby School.  A real country school that has Agricultural days etc and only has 90 pupils and goes all the way from 5 years until form 2….

Sorry about the short update but I will promise to update more tomorrow.