Yay – I am excited…

August 31, 2006

Next Saturday the 09th I am off to a crop in Pukekohe…yay, I have been trying to get to a crop there since last November but with being pregnant, a 1 car family and having a new born and lots of other things i haven’t been able to make it.  Well, yay next saturday i am off.  Richard is on call but is going to drop me off about 10.00am and all going well i will probably stay there until about 2 or 3.  Karen are you coming up for this crop?

What else, well we were looking forward to going down to Hamilton on Sunday for Richard’s neice’s 3rd birthday afternoon tea but they are an engineer down in Wellington as Dave down there has hurt his back so Adrian is down there now until Monday which means Richard will be on call until next Monday and have 4 nights off and then on call for another week.  This will then mean though that we will get 2 weeks off call including 2 weekends.

I have been reading the latest Up to Scrap and noticed that their submission dates are really great so I think i may try submitting at least 1 thing for each issue and see how we get on.  The next submission date is Sept 20th for their November Magazine, so i am off to have a think and see what i can do on one of their subjects.  Wish me luck.

I may have organised someone to do our music for the wedding, not a DJ at the moment but someone that i used to deal with while a Travel Agent.  I will let you know once we have confirmed anything as they are really busy at the moment and may be away overseas but they are hoping that they will be back.  Watch this space.  That reminds me i really must update the Wedding Budget Spreadsheet and see just how we are doing.  I am a bit scared at the moment to do it but I have a feeling actually that we are doing well.


7 Responses to “Yay – I am excited…”

  1. Penny said

    Have a great time at the crop!
    And good luck with the submission thing – I can’t be bothered myself but I admire people who do 🙂

  2. Michelle said

    Have fun at the crop!

  3. Sharon said

    Have fun at the crop! And good luck with the submissions 🙂

  4. ruth said

    LOL wahoo we finally get to meet!!

    Just hope you’re ready to scrap with a bunch of loud and rather chatty girls, who love to have a good laugh (usually at my expense!)

  5. Janine said

    go you at submitting! The way I am going I think that may be my goal for next year!!! Have a fab weekend. Just think not too long till the crop next weekend.

  6. girlfriday said

    Yep, hoping to come up to Puke next weekend. See you there!

  7. Happy scrappy said

    Have fun. Good luck with submissions. I would like to give this a go one day as well.

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