Rak Time ……

August 29, 2006

I keep seeing these on people’s blogs and was going through everything in my semi studio in the last few days and have 2 boxes of goodies to give away to 2 people that read my blog.  It will be interesting to see just how many people read my blog.  I am guilty of being one of those people that read blogs but don’t leave comments very often so i am trying to leave a comment with every blog that I read from now on if possible…so come on everyone, lurkers, those that leave comments leave me a comment over the next 7 days and i will draw out 2 names and send you off your box of goodies. 

What have we been up to?  In the process of trying to find a DJ/Band for the wedding and then once we have that booked and the cake finalised it will only be continuation things to do as everything will be booked.  Just trying to upload a pic of an idea that we have for the cake that we want. Like this but with roses on it.  Our colour scheme is ivory, silver and a deep burgandy.

Can’t wait to see everyone and catch up with everyone over the wedding.

Luckly the weather held out this arvo as David and I have been out for a walk down to the dairy.  I am so unfit I really have to get this weight off and fitter….Though as i type this the weather is getting worse and the grey clouds are rolling in.

Things to do tomorrow – Thanks for the idea of lists of things to do on your blog Tinks

1. Finish Glam Gals Circle Journal

2. Start on Cards for Card Swap

3. Type up recipies for Desert Swap – decide which ones to make and photograph

4. Ironing

5. Lounge, Dining rooms and kitchen tidy

6. Bathrooms

I am sure that there are heaps of other things but I will add onto to tomorrows list when i think of them.

Keep those comments coming in and i will draw like i said 2 names next Tuesday.


23 Responses to “Rak Time ……”

  1. Michelle said

    Hey girl!

    Yay! I’m first to comment?! The cake looks good! 🙂 Don’t remind me about the CJ please! I have yet to start mine! With my insane schedule right now.. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it! HELP!

    Anyway.. hope you’re having a great arvo!

  2. Sharon said

    Hi there – thanks for the circle journal reminder. Finally got around to covering mine today – that is all there is so far. Off to think of questions. The cake looks awesome!

  3. Lynda said

    Good idea Debs and love that cake. That was one of my favourites when I checked out that site. Good luck with the fitness and weight loss thing, I know how hard that can be, watching DH struggle with his goals.

  4. ruth said

    Hi Debbie, first time visitor here!! thanks for stopping by my blog. Hey are you scrappygirl deb Payne?? If so I’ve got crop dates for Pukekohe if you’re interested.

  5. Michelle said

    😦 I was first to post but didn’t work! Don’t know why! I need to get cracking with my CJ – with my insane schedule at the moment..I’ll be lucky to get one ready on time!! Yikes!

    P/S: Fingers crossed this time the comment will show!

  6. Michelle said

    😦 I was first to post but didn’t work! Don’t know why! I need to get cracking with my CJ – with my insane schedule at the moment..I’ll be lucky to get one ready on time!! Yikes!

    P/S: Fingers crossed this time the comment will show!

    It didn’t work again before this! Hmph! Why?!

  7. Michelle said

    This is driving me nuts! Your blog hates me Debs!

  8. Janine said

    Nice cake Debs…….sounds like you are very organised wedding wise!! Now we have changed our plans we don;t have much to organise and it feels great!!!!

    Thats a long list chick!! I was tired reading it. Tought I might take one photo for the recipe swap and the other one can be photoless…..

  9. Nikki said

    Love that cake Debs!! We had gerbera’s for our wedding. I have my cj ideas and styles sorted it’s just a matter of getting them done now (procrastination and I are great friends). Am trying to think about the recipe swap but there’s so much on at the mo.

  10. donnaspringgay said

    Hey debs Yes I am a silent lurker on most blogs sorry!!
    I am also trying to leave the odd comment or two
    Ps LOVE the sound of your colours for your wedding

  11. waihi beach bum said

    Fashion comes around, love the cake as 30 years ago I had a simillar one with orchards on the top and the rest all plain. Love your colours. I haven’t a blog yet, may look into it when I get back from SENZ. Have nearly finished CJ, not terribly happy with it but I never am. I was too late for the desert swap but send me a PM if another comes up. Enjoy every moment of your wedding as I’m sure it will be a great day. Cheers Gwenda give David a kiss.

  12. Hey Debs,
    Your wedding cake sounds divine. Loving the colours and the roses.

    Thanks for the reminder about the CJ. Looking forward to seeing the one you are sending me..
    Love, Kate

  13. girlfriday said

    Wow, love that cake with the bright orange gerberas 🙂 .. though, on reviewing your colour scheme, burgundy roses scattered on ivory icing will look similarly striking!!

  14. girlfriday said

    wow love that cake with the bright orange gerberas 🙂 though, on reviewing your wedding colours, I can imagine burgundy roses to be similarly striking!!

  15. girlfriday said

    wow love the cake with the bright orange gerberas 🙂 though … looking at your wedding colours … I can see burgundy roses being similarly striking!!

  16. girlfriday said

    third time lucky tonight! seems I can’t leave a comment and being *naturally talkative* … my inability to comment is driving me crazy!! 😆

  17. Michell said

    Ok.. maybe 3rd time lucky. Your cake looks beautiful! And the colors you mentioned for your wedding sounds absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Big kiss to David for me… 🙂

  18. Michelle said

    Yay! It worked! Oops.. the ‘e’ at the end of my name got cut off!!

  19. Penny said

    Hey that’s kind of you to do a RAK 🙂

    What a great cake! Love the design. Your colours sounds lovely too.

    It is nice to get comments isn’t it. 🙂

  20. Janine said

    Desb time for an update

  21. girlfriday said

    Love the cake but think you need to check your spam-blocker .. cause I’ve tried to say so several times already and my comment keeps disappearing into cyberspace 😆

  22. Christi said

    Ok, I was guided this way by Janine’s blog lol. What a beautiful cake! Ah, wedding plans. I vaguely remember them lol.

  23. Lara said

    wow – all these wedding things make me want to get married all over again – but I’d marry the same man! I had gerbras in my boquet – as well as a whole lemon & a lime. We had gerbras for the button holes too – men & women!

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