What a lovely spring afternoon!

August 27, 2006

It has been a lovely day today, not that nice a weather this morning but this afternoon has been great.  David woke up crying at what i thought was 7.00am this morning so went in and put his light on and strung up his toys and then came out to the lounge/dining area to put the heater on to warm the house up to find that it was actually just before 6am…Oh well, an early morning for the 2 of us.  Richard we left asleep in bed as he has been on call all weekend and out and about on calls.  When Richard got up he ordered a part and we all had breakfast..David fell asleep in Richard’s arms and then off he went for his morning nap about 8.45…Well that nap lasted 3 1/2 hours which was amazing and great.  Don’t know when that will happen again.  While david was asleep and Richard was out I managed to get some house work done, catch up on email and blog reading and scrapbooking and the continuation of our Glam Gals Circle Journal.  Not too much to do.

This afternoon we ventured out to the local Mega Centre and went to briscoes and then up to the plastic box where i got some more scrapbook storage which I really do need desperatly.  Then off to Mitre 10 Mega and new garden tools for me and a few other things among which was a voucher for Richard’s dad for Father’s Day.  Grabed Sub Way and then home for a late lunch.  While the boys curled up together and watched the Rugby which we videoed this morning I ventured into the Vege Garden.  Actually I can’t call it that at the moment as it is probably more a giant and i mean giant weed patch…Have decided that David and i can venture out to the garden each day this week if it is nice and while i garden and weed he can play in his mountain buggy…I have before we came down to Wellington purchased some seed raising mix and seeds so want to get those all planted this week.  I want us to have a thriving garden of veges, chilies and herbs this year. 

Richard’s nephew Jonathan who is 7 is going to probably come up for the first week of the school holidays which will be great.  It is the first time staying with us by himself as he has never really wanted to stay with anyone other than Mummy and Daddy and his grandparents in Hamilton.  It will be great as he will be able to play with 5 year old Liam next door.

Mum is also going to come up the first week of October from Katikati for a visit along with going out and finding her an outfit for the wedding.  Talking about weddings we are off to meet the lady that is going to be doing our Wedding cake this coming Saturday.  She is from www.forheavenscake.co.nz  I saw her cakes and had a wee taste at the Bride and Groom Show so that will be great.  She does amazing work.  So once we sign with her it will be just the DJ to orgainse and then final details.  Coming down to Wellington in October for my first dress fitting with Jo so must lose that weight.  Off for my appointment with Nikki Hart on 06th September.  Must remember that from this Thursday I have to keep a total food diary including anything liqiud or food that passes these lips of mine and take that in with me.

Okay – I have now got an Ellison Machine, well actually about 3 months ago and have decided to sell my Sizzix machine, converter, brand new Sizzix cutting boards and a couple of dies and Simple Impressions so if you are interested or know someone that might be that doesn’t read my blog please let them know to get in contact with me. 

Well must be off but I am getting better at daily blogging.  If you think that I am starting to get lazy just let me know…

Have a lovely week everyone and remember “Live your Passion”


2 Responses to “What a lovely spring afternoon!”

  1. Lynda said

    Sounds like a great day Debs. Isn’t it amazing how good a bit of sunshine can make us all feel. Checked out that cake website and man, there are some stunning cakes there, are you allowed to tell us what yours is gonna look like??

  2. Penny said

    AH yes – the weed patch … I mean garden. I’m keen to get out there too and get things cleaned up a bit for the new veges etc. Wish our lawn would dry out some so it’s less like a wetland.

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