Things that i have received from Scrapbooking….

August 24, 2006

I have been thinking this morning about the cool things that i have gotten from Scrapbooking after reading Nic’s blog this morning.  I have found wonderful friends who i would not have come in contact through other areas as we are spread out all over this wonderful country.  I have found people that totally inspire me not just in scrapbooking, but as a mother, a wife and in life in general.  I have found that I can help others be happy or help them to remember times in their lives when otherwise they could have been very hard to get through….That i can tell stories and prerserve memories and stories for people in the years to come to remember.  To think about myself and not always others first…that i am important and deserve to live that passion in my life that i want to.  To scrap about myself, my thoughts, feelings, goals and stories that i never previously thought were important. I challenge you all that read this to blog about the things that you have received from scrapbooking… Well, i managed to accomplish alot yesterday.  I have started my Glam Gals circle jornal and just have to finish off the title and introduction page along with my page for it.  David is being babysat by Cherly this afternoon so i will get some things sent off in the post, some house work done and some scrapping done as well….I want to finish off my circle journal today and then get started on my desert recipie swap and card swap. Tomorrow morning I am hoping to catch up with one of my bridesmaids and find out about a new job that she has just got.  Scrapping, supermarket shopping and general housework to be done.  I like what you do Janine sometimes and put a list up on your blog in the morning of the things that you need or want to do…A good way to be held accountable for it. Okay to here goes Vaccuming, Washing, Ironing, Finish Circle Journal, Post things to Nikki and Kate, baking and work on Ben’s scrapbook Ben is only 5 days old and was born at 3.00am Sunday morning 12 weeks prem.  I have met his mum rebecca through the Treasures website about 9 weeks ago and have become good friends.  They are up in Waikato Hospital and she has no family or friends up there as her hubby, kids and friends are 2 1/2 hours drive south…


One Response to “Things that i have received from Scrapbooking….”

  1. Janine said

    Thanks Debs!!! I am anal lol I am a list girl!! Love my lists :-). Wow rebecca is doing it tough, it should be a happy time with out all the complications of a prem baby and being separated by family and friends. I agree scrapping opens so many doors. It’s awesome.

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