CC06 Continuation

August 23, 2006

Sorry for taking so long to come back to this.  Smack on the hand i am a bad blogger.  Didn’t feel very well yesterday so had near no energy so just took it easy and didn’t feel like blogging.

Okay here goes…Friday night came by and all the Glam Girls finally met each other.  A big thank you to Gwenda who helped me put the last little touches on our decorations and little gift bags.  Also to Kate who made up our little name tags for the table.  A huge Thank you goes to Jo aka Tiggercat for organising everyone’s seating and doing a great job.  Gwenda, Nikki and I got ready in our room and then off down to Linda and Kate’s room.  Once Janine and Michelle arrived we all head down stairs and met up with Jo, Donna, Gina and Maureen…More new friends yay….We all had an awesome time at the mega crop and i will tell you this some firm friendships have been cemented.  I will upload pics when i can.

Saturday morning after waking a few times in the night David is starting to feel better.  Richard took him along to the docs yesterday who was great and he is now on Pamol and Carval on a tissue at night.  We decided to see how he was feeling latter on in the day as to whether he would still go over to Derek and Jo’s for Bj to look after him for the night while we went out.  This morning I had Photo Decor with Donna and that was awesome…I have always wanted to know how to do these.  I also finally learnt how to use Modge Podge…Next class was Donna’s Imagine the Possibilties which I feel i did really well with and we have a stairway shot looking down at the Intercon reception.  I poped upstairs at lunch time to check on my boys and David was looking heaps better…Richard is awesome looking after David like he is…I went down stairs determined in my mind that i had Nic’s today you class but suddenly realised down there when i could find the class and re looked at my tickets that I actually had Ali’s class which was great.  I finally learnt how to decorate albums with the spiral bounds on them as i could never work it out actually how to put the spirals back on.  I learnt heaps of new tequniques which was great.  The next class i am sooo glad that i was able to get into.  Just before lunch on the Saturday i had a chat to Mary and Joanne and Mary said I could get into Cathy’s Simple Life Class if I didn’t mind not getting a Pack and paying $35.00.  I didn’t mind at all and did a happy dance.  Looking back now I am sooo glad i did this class as I am looking at my scrapbooking in a whole new light and now know that i need to tell more stories.  I walked out of this class soooo inspired and couldn’t wait to get into it all and can’t wait…I am having a blast.  Since then I have also purchased 2 D Ring binders in are you ready for it 8.5 by 11 size…yep i have set myself a new challenge and am going to do alot more scrapbooking and get my mojo back and work with this size….Saturday night was great at Dinner with lots of laughs and great to catch up with Derek and Jo as just the four of us.  David took awhile to get off to sleep but Bj did an awesome job.  When we finally got back to the room after catching up with Ali and Cheryl down at the bar we decided to order room service desert and then fell into bed oh sooo tired…

Sunday arrived and after breakfast headed off to Nic’s Two of Us class where i was def taken out of my comfort zone by cutting out the middle of paper sheets to use that afterwards…Not something i have ever really done much.  Only once or twice that i can remember but love the final layout and Nic as i have said before inspires me with her scrapping.  Next class was another challenge for me.  It was Wendy’s Stich It, Bead It, Slap it on a Canvas.  Now you are probably wondering why this was another challange for me.  Well for 3 reasons.  i have never Scraped on canvas before, i have never used beads and I haven’t stiched for ever…Well another class to use modge podge and i am very very pleased with the final product.  I was going to do this on myself but just after midday we got a txt to say that I am an Aunty Again.  Judith gave birth just before 11.00am to a beautiful little girl named Katherine Paige (just had to say to Jac’s that same one liked her nic name Paige so much that they had used it – lol)  After the class Jo and I rushed upstairs to see the pxt that had been sent to my phone….awww what a cutie…

Last classes of the day were Ali’s Perspectives and Favourite Photos class – very very inspiring and had a great time…wow and then that was the end of CC06 – What an inspiring awesome time and i really really can’t wait for CC07.  i am still on cloud 9 nearly 10 days latter and am sooo loving this thing called scrapbooking again which I had totally lost my mojo and inspiration on for sooo long….


2 Responses to “CC06 Continuation”

  1. Penny said

    It’s nice to get your mojo back isn’t it! 🙂 Hope your feeling better soon.

  2. Janine said

    go you on the mojo, sounds like you got a lot from the weekend!!! I loved the classes I did!!!

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