A Thousand Appologies!!!!!!

August 20, 2006

Hi Everyone, a thousand appologies for my very very slack blogging…I was going to do a little blog each day while in Wellington but the internet charges were huge and as it is over the 9 days we were there i spent about $80.00 on Internet Charges….

Thanks to Lynda B who keeps on reminding me that she is getting really sick of reading the same blog entry over and over again.  So here goes and this is going to be a long one.

Wow, wow and hey did I say wow, i am still on cloud 9 about CC06.  It was awesome and I am so totally inspired.  Along with the CC06 classes I met and made some absolutly amazing new friends with the  “Glam Gals”.  We totally rocked didn’t we!!!  Hee, hee.  Our trip down to Wellington started on the Sunday prior to CC06 with a stop in hamilton over night to help Richard’s mum celebrate her 70th birthday.  Judith, Richard’s sister was due the first day of CC06 and just wanted to have the baby as soon as possible.  Mum was so excited that she may have it the next day which was her birthday that even before Midday she had called Judith 4 times asking her if anything had started happen.  Nothing happened.  Monday morning we drove down to Taupo and after stopping at a lovely little cafe and grabbing some stuff at the local PNS went to our Motel.  On Wotif it said it was 4 Star and was right next door to the Melinium, well put it this way it was tiny for a 2 bedroom and I really wished i had booiked the Mellinum next door instead.  At dinner that night we went next door and there were 5 female waitresses and David did his full on flirting thing and had them all over to the table one by one and just loved every minute of it.  They all even had to come and say good bye and give him kisses at the end of the night.  He also attracted the attention of a couple next door to us who offered to hold him while we ate.  David loved the lady but wasn’t too sure about her husband as he looked like Daddy but had no fuzz on his face…Hee hee

Tuesday we started to head down to Wellington and with the help of texts from Jo (tiggercat) we found out that the desert road was closed and drove through National Park….After a few stops along the way and David sleeping most of the day we arrived at our home for the next 9 nights the Intercontinental at about 4.30.  Not bad for a 7 1/2 hour journey.

Over the next couple of days I had to arrange for the rest of our outfts to arrive in Wellington as i had half of them with me and they had forgotten about an email that i had sent to them and that they saw and sent everything else to me in Auckland so after a long process they arrived into Wellington on the Thursday morning.  I arranged to meet Glenda in the Hotel Lobby at 1.30 and we chatted while we waited for Lynda to arrive.  What a lovely person you are Glenda….Then i looked up and saw Lynda walking away from Recetpion and reconised her from her Forum pic and photos on her blog…Over she ran and gave me a huge hug and from that minute we were great friends.  And as she tells the story with in about 15 mins i was giving her stick.  I assure you that it was stick between us…hee hee…After coffee and a bite to eat we headed off to introduce Lynda to Kiwiscraps in person.  As she was a KS virgin…had never actually been to the shop i person only over the wonderful web.  We all had a great time and met a few more people that had arrived down for CC06.  Arrived back at the hotel and settled into some comfortable seats for a nice drink while Richard took David upstairs…That night Richard, David and I met up with Glenda and Lynda for dinner next door at Arizona and then headed back to our room..David was very very restless while there and then woke up at 2.00am Friday morning and between then and about 6.30am only had about an hour or soos sleep and Richard had him down in the lobby walking him around in the stroller so i could try and get some sleep for CC06.  Well he had weepy red eyes, feeling very yucky and was conjested and ended up having a bad cold…

My first day at CC06 consisted of Donna’s Freeze Frame Mini album, Nic’s Passport to Fun and then Donna’s one year, one album…Wow, wow, what a day.  Donna is truley awesome and had an awesome time.  She had a wicked sense of humor and once she realised who i was as in the person that sent her and ali and cathy some pre nz goodies she would yell out Debbie Payne…Nic is great and such a wonderful tutor…Just loved all the classes that we did that day…

I will finish this off latter today as I have sooo much to say and going to try and work out again how to upload pics…


2 Responses to “A Thousand Appologies!!!!!!”

  1. Lynda said

    Woohoo, something new to read! LOL, can’t wait to read the next instalment and to see the pics. Hope you guys are all feeling better now. I didn’t realise you had a big mix up with the costumes.

  2. girlfriday said

    what a great trip : 9 days! and I thought I was making it a big event by having a long weekend (3 days) in Wellington!!
    BTW Janine and I have flickr accounts to load our photos onto wordpress. Else there’s a FAQ on how to load photos.

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