I’ve been tagged and other goings on!!!!

July 30, 2006

Well I have been tagged by Janine so here goes…

 4 jobs I’ve had:Travel Agent, Hotel Reception, Customer Services Advisor and now SAHM

4 Movies I could watch over and over:Sleepless in Seatle, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, You’ve got Mail.

4 Tv Shows:My Restaurant Rules, The Amazing Race, Shortland Street, Starting Over

4 Fav foods: Extra Crunch Salt & Vinager Potato chips, Cookies & Cream Ice cream, Chicken Lasagne, BLAT

4 tunes that play in my head: Any K T Tunstill songs, You can leave your Hat on, We’ve gotta get out of this place, this is hard i know so many songs in my head but can’t think of the names..

4 Websites I visit daily:Kiwiscraps, Treasures, Lots of Blogs, NZ Herald or NZoom

4 best scrapbooking lines: Basic Grey, Chatterbox, Bazzil & Making Memories

What else has been happening? Richard has managed to have his gout play up quite a bit at the moment so he is under my instructions to just take it easy…Have had to re work out our meal plans as he can’t normally have much red meat so we have totally cut that back for this week and nothing tooo rich either…

It is a week until we head off on our first leg to Wellington with the first stop being Hamilton for one night.  We have booked our accommodation in Taupo for Monday night at the Oasis Beach Resort which looks great.  Cheryl is looking after David tuesday and friday afternoons which will give me time to get all the housework done and everything all packed and any last minute CC06 stuff done.

Regarding CC06 our table is all sorted..I have received our caps and am just about to order our new shirts.  It will be great to see us all dressed up for the mega crop…I really, really do need to get all of my CC06 homework and swap pins all finished…just haven’t managed to finish everything yet…I have a goal of trying to get our packing started by the time we go to bed tonight…Oh well, we will see….

3 Responses to “I’ve been tagged and other goings on!!!!”

  1. Janine said

    I do really like my restaurant rules. I think perth might be the first restaurant to close. But to be honest Melbourne disgusted me last week with the state of thier place. I know they have cleaned up but it was revolting.

  2. girlfriday said

    good luck with the cc2006 homework … isn’t it hard work 😆 to prepare for FUN classes!!
    noted the link on the kiwiscraps forum to my *pocket book* swap pins : wondered where all these visitors were suddenly coming from!! 🙂
    thanks for sending people to some *live* swap pin photos.

  3. Lynda said

    I’m sick of reading this now Debs, time for an update please!!!!!

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