I finally made the plunge…

July 20, 2006

Well, I finally made the plunge and emailed Nikki (the evil diet witch) my old nutrionist on Tuesday and received a wonderful email back that evening.  She would love to have me as a client again…I have rung and spoken to her PA Caroline and have an appt on 6th September.  The first appointment/consultation is 1 hour long. This was the first date that she could fit me in as Caroline said things have gone manic…With Nikki’s daughter only being about 7 months and with all her media appointments she only has a clinic 4 days a week so space is limited…I can’t wait…i am really excited to get started on this new path…i have to keep a food diary including everything and i mean everything that i eat and drink etc..

What else has been happening?  Well I won’t tell you the long story but I have had to start my swap pins again but have done those and linked my name tag into the same sort of design and I am very very happy with them…Still have half of them to start and finishing touches on the first lot but am much happier with this design…They are much simplier and i wish i had gone this way to start…Once I get these finished I will have to get my homework done and then I can get started on booking accommodation in Taupo for us for either direction and also making lists of what we have to take with us….Hopefully I will be able to start packing a few things up in the suitcases etc….Wow can’t believe that it is only 21 days until CC06.

One last thing, just got an email from Jo to say that the final touches have been finished on the invites and she is couriering them up to me overnight.  Once I have got them I will take a picture and upload a pic…Just going to try and upload a pic of David for you all to see…It is one of my favourites on his playmat.


3 Responses to “I finally made the plunge…”

  1. Janine said

    Go you Debbie, September wil roll round quick enough!! Can’t wait to see ya invites. Hey simple I think is much easier most of the time! My idea has gone straight out the window! I just don;t have enough time to do anything but simple.

  2. Lynda said

    Hiya Debs, this is getting just too exciting all this planning for CC06. Go you, planning on diets etc with all this going on.

  3. Ruth said

    Oh good on you for making an appt with the ‘evil diet witch’. I reckon if anyone can help (talking about with me here) it would be her. Hope you get your swap pins redone, bummer having to redo them.

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