Hello world!

July 12, 2006

Well, here I am in the world of Blogging…I am hoping to be a good Blogger and update this as much as I can…Hopefully everyday but you never know with a 5 month old.

Today was David’s 5 month Check up at Plunket and in a month our darling son has gone from 16lb 10oz and 64.5 cm long to 18lb 7 oz and 66 cm long…We knew he was growing up and getting heavier but it is amazing to see just how fast…They have said that he is going to be a tall solid boy.  We will in the future have to make extra careful about what food he eats and that he is active…

David and I head down to Wellington on Friday morning.  Jo and the kids are picking us up from the Airport and then it is straight off to Kiwi Scraps with a quick minor stop to pick up some lunch.  While at Kiwi Scraps Tammy and Bevan are doing Wendy’s Canvas Book album Kid’s class and Jo and I are putting together mine and Richard’s wedding invites…A huge thanks going out to KS’s David for cutting out and printing the invites for us…Saturday I am going to meet my neice’s brand new little boy.  Ethan will be just over 5 weeks old.  I can’t believe how time flies by.  He is very long and is actually at times wearing 3-6 month old clothes.  I haven’t seen Tegan (neice) and her brother and my brother and sister in law for ages so it will be great to catch up with them.  Sunday Jo and I are actually doing a class of Wendy’s as well and are doing the Handbag Address Book.  I can’t wait.  This class looks awesome….

Well best be off David is in bed and I have to tidy up a bit before Richard and I head off to bed ourselves..  Richard gives David his last bottle of the night.  He just loves his Daddy…Richard got home this afternoon and sat down on the floor next to David who was in his bassinette and David was just gurgling away and laughing….


4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Janine said

    Hi Debbie

    Welcome to the world of blogging. Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned. I hope our weather treats you well. Go you on the invite front too. David sounds like he is a happy and healthy boy. The cool thing is this blog will help you with your journalling for layouts.


  2. girlfriday said

    Hi and welcome to blogging! It’s an addiction 🙂 I’m just visiting as a result of the invite on Janine’s blog … have a great Wellington weekend.

  3. Thanks Janine and Girl Friday….I have been a blog lurker so trying to get better at leaving little notes for everyone…Have a great Friday and Weekend. Cheers, Debs

  4. Nikki said

    Yeah and welcome to the world of blogging!!

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