Well I have been tagged by Janine so here goes…

 4 jobs I’ve had:Travel Agent, Hotel Reception, Customer Services Advisor and now SAHM

4 Movies I could watch over and over:Sleepless in Seatle, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, You’ve got Mail.

4 Tv Shows:My Restaurant Rules, The Amazing Race, Shortland Street, Starting Over

4 Fav foods: Extra Crunch Salt & Vinager Potato chips, Cookies & Cream Ice cream, Chicken Lasagne, BLAT

4 tunes that play in my head: Any K T Tunstill songs, You can leave your Hat on, We’ve gotta get out of this place, this is hard i know so many songs in my head but can’t think of the names..

4 Websites I visit daily:Kiwiscraps, Treasures, Lots of Blogs, NZ Herald or NZoom

4 best scrapbooking lines: Basic Grey, Chatterbox, Bazzil & Making Memories

What else has been happening? Richard has managed to have his gout play up quite a bit at the moment so he is under my instructions to just take it easy…Have had to re work out our meal plans as he can’t normally have much red meat so we have totally cut that back for this week and nothing tooo rich either…

It is a week until we head off on our first leg to Wellington with the first stop being Hamilton for one night.  We have booked our accommodation in Taupo for Monday night at the Oasis Beach Resort which looks great.  Cheryl is looking after David tuesday and friday afternoons which will give me time to get all the housework done and everything all packed and any last minute CC06 stuff done.

Regarding CC06 our table is all sorted..I have received our caps and am just about to order our new shirts.  It will be great to see us all dressed up for the mega crop…I really, really do need to get all of my CC06 homework and swap pins all finished…just haven’t managed to finish everything yet…I have a goal of trying to get our packing started by the time we go to bed tonight…Oh well, we will see….


Well, I finally made the plunge and emailed Nikki (the evil diet witch) my old nutrionist on Tuesday and received a wonderful email back that evening.  She would love to have me as a client again…I have rung and spoken to her PA Caroline and have an appt on 6th September.  The first appointment/consultation is 1 hour long. This was the first date that she could fit me in as Caroline said things have gone manic…With Nikki’s daughter only being about 7 months and with all her media appointments she only has a clinic 4 days a week so space is limited…I can’t wait…i am really excited to get started on this new path…i have to keep a food diary including everything and i mean everything that i eat and drink etc..

What else has been happening?  Well I won’t tell you the long story but I have had to start my swap pins again but have done those and linked my name tag into the same sort of design and I am very very happy with them…Still have half of them to start and finishing touches on the first lot but am much happier with this design…They are much simplier and i wish i had gone this way to start…Once I get these finished I will have to get my homework done and then I can get started on booking accommodation in Taupo for us for either direction and also making lists of what we have to take with us….Hopefully I will be able to start packing a few things up in the suitcases etc….Wow can’t believe that it is only 21 days until CC06.

One last thing, just got an email from Jo to say that the final touches have been finished on the invites and she is couriering them up to me overnight.  Once I have got them I will take a picture and upload a pic…Just going to try and upload a pic of David for you all to see…It is one of my favourites on his playmat.

24 Days till CC06

July 17, 2006

and 19 days until we head off on our Roadtrip down to Wellington.  Wow, I can’t believe that it is only 24 days until CC06 starts and I get to do the most amazing classes ever.  I am sooo excited.  We are going to leave Auckland on the Sunday to go down to Richrad’s mum and dad’s place so that we can celebrate her 70th Birthday.  Hopefully Judith his sister will be able to be there as she is due on August 11th the first day of CC06 and is now fully engaged as of last Friday.  We are hoping that baby does come a little early as her first 2 births were either 2 or 3 weeks late.  She keeps telling me that she wants this bowling ball out now…!

Ended up coming back from Wellington after the class at CC06 as I haven’t been well totally on and off for the past 2 weeks and just didn’t feel well and was able to change our ticket and Richard worked from home yesterday and was able to keep an eye on David so I could get some rest.  I feel a bit better but not totally yet…

The weekend went well even though a large majority of flights were cancelled in and out of Auckland on Friday morning becuase of very heavy fog.  We were nearly an hour late but luckly managed to get on.  Little David was wonderful and was flirting with every female he saw on his flight.  Everyone comented on how great he was.  He slept for most of the flight which was great and Jo, Tammy and Bevan were waiting for us when we got off the flight.

We got the Invites started and Jo has done an awesome design which is great.  I just want to thank Nikki for her help on Friday as well.  I will post a pic of the invites this week when they arrive up from Wellington.   I really need to get back into the swing of losing weight for the wedding and for me…About 10 minutes ago I took a big plunge.  Nikki Hart (evil diet witch, fat chance etc) used to be my Nutrionist about 8 years ago when I orginally lost 34kg and got down to 81kg.  Well I have since put that weight plus heaps more back on and just am failing to have the inspiration and go to do it by myself…Richard is amazing and I know I will always have his support and help but I feel I need an outside source as well.  I have emailed Nikki this morning asking for help and if she will take me back on as a client.  I have only just got the courage to try and go back to see her as i was heavily disapointed in myself and I knew she would be as well.  i will keep you up to date in what the out come is.

I best go and do some housework and have a Shower while David is having his morning Nap.  I will update some more soon….

But before I go I just want to say a Huge Thank you for all your comments and support, it has been wonderful.

Well, in the last 2 days I have got heaps done on my Swap Pins for CC06….CC06, oh my gosh I am sooo excited, can’t believe that it is only 4 weeks away…yay, doing my little happy happy dance…I have 8 pins 95 % completed and just have to add the fibre and saftey pin to them but hey 8 down, only 42 to go…I have given myself 2 more weeks to get these done.  That is I have to get these done along with my name badge and packing everything up for Richard, David and I.  We will then leave for Hamilton on Sunday 06th and then head down to overnight in Taupo on the 07th and then off to Wellington.  We are heading to Hamilton on the Sunday as it is Richard’s mum’s 70th birthday on the Monday and we are going to have a quiet dinner for her the night before.  Have said that I will organise everything as Judith Richard’s sister will be only 5 days away from her due date with her 3rd child.

Well, the suitcase is just about all packed for Wellington.  I have everything laid out on the bed (well, i hope everything) and just need to pack it.  i just hope that I don’t forget anything.  David has gone to bed, a bit restless but hopefully down for the night.  Must be off as have been up since 4.30 this morning.  Long story but nothing to do with David.  Get a few things done and then off to bed…yay…I will try and blog over the weekend while in Wellington.  We will be at Kiwi Scraps tomorrow afternoon and then on Sunday afternoon for Wendy’s class, can’t wait….Have a great Friday and weekend everyone…

Hello world!

July 12, 2006

Well, here I am in the world of Blogging…I am hoping to be a good Blogger and update this as much as I can…Hopefully everyday but you never know with a 5 month old.

Today was David’s 5 month Check up at Plunket and in a month our darling son has gone from 16lb 10oz and 64.5 cm long to 18lb 7 oz and 66 cm long…We knew he was growing up and getting heavier but it is amazing to see just how fast…They have said that he is going to be a tall solid boy.  We will in the future have to make extra careful about what food he eats and that he is active…

David and I head down to Wellington on Friday morning.  Jo and the kids are picking us up from the Airport and then it is straight off to Kiwi Scraps with a quick minor stop to pick up some lunch.  While at Kiwi Scraps Tammy and Bevan are doing Wendy’s Canvas Book album Kid’s class and Jo and I are putting together mine and Richard’s wedding invites…A huge thanks going out to KS’s David for cutting out and printing the invites for us…Saturday I am going to meet my neice’s brand new little boy.  Ethan will be just over 5 weeks old.  I can’t believe how time flies by.  He is very long and is actually at times wearing 3-6 month old clothes.  I haven’t seen Tegan (neice) and her brother and my brother and sister in law for ages so it will be great to catch up with them.  Sunday Jo and I are actually doing a class of Wendy’s as well and are doing the Handbag Address Book.  I can’t wait.  This class looks awesome….

Well best be off David is in bed and I have to tidy up a bit before Richard and I head off to bed ourselves..  Richard gives David his last bottle of the night.  He just loves his Daddy…Richard got home this afternoon and sat down on the floor next to David who was in his bassinette and David was just gurgling away and laughing….